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Gitarkabel DAP XGL05, med 90-grader-plugger

DAP Audio

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  • XGL05 – Jack mono 90° > Jack mono 90°.

    Xcaliber Professional Cable Series.

    With the intention and the drive to provide the highest quality of audio reproduction on stage, studio environment or in any other recording application, DAP Audio developed a complete range of professional audio connectors, adapters and prefab cables with gold plated connectors and a sturdy black-chrome finish. Reliability, durability, minimization of skin effect, extremely low capacitance, minimal inter-conductor capacitance and stability of the connections are the results of intensive research. Due to this, DAP Audio provides a lifetime warranty to all Xcaliber cables, Xcaliber connectors and Xcaliber adapters.

    • Lifetime Warranty
    • Performance 75Ohm cable
    • Excellent quality
    • High resolution
    • Low handling noise
    • Low capacity
    • 24Ct Gold-plated connectors
    • Oxygen-free copper HC conductors
    • Double Shielded
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