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Oleg Kiselev: Engelsk Suite (English Suite) - inkl. CD

Endre Dåvøy Musikk

  • Notehefte for klassisk gitar.
    Inkl. CD med musikken, innspilt av komponisten.

    Oleg Kiselev er en velkjent russisk gitarist, komponist og lærer, født i 1964. En stor del av musikken hans er for barn og unge. Han skriver musikk som er morsom å spille og morsom å høre på, innenfor mange forskjellige stilarter.

    “Engelsk Suite” inneholder 3 satser:
    I. Prelude
    II. Song with variation
    III. Dance

    Review in "Classical Guitar Magazine", England:


    by Oleg Kiselev.
    Endre Davoy Musikk, Norway.
    10pp (includes CD)

    This little three-movement suite from this fine Russian composer is dedicated to John Duarte, whose English Suite from several decades ago proved the staple diet of many a player, including myself, when I was a teenager learning the craft.
    The opening Prelude is marked unusually for the straight quavers to be ‘swung’ as if triplets. I say unusually because it tends to be something that isn’t often found in classical books. Still, whatever the reasoning, this Marciale movement is full of block chords topped by a swiftly moving melody line that is far from easy to play! Other difficult portions include some chords to be interspersed with etouffe chords, which at 126-crotchets-a-minute takes some doing. It soon reaches a resounding climax and rushes headlong via an accelerando to a triplet run of quavers and a surprisingly quiet final chord. Song with Variation is marked Tranquillo for the actual song, which is in triple time and very folk-like in style, followed by an Impetuoso variation beginning in the tonic major that goes down various paths before it resolves to a resounding coda and a forte strum down an altered E minor chord.
    The final movement is a dance marked Vivo Con Vigore that, at 208-beats-a-minute, certainly takes no prisoners. It has a rather unusual mix of time signatures for its main theme that for me at least sounds a little frenetic and its odd stagger doesn’t quite work as well as I think the composer intended but it moves along swiftly enough and is pleasant nonetheless.
    So in summation this set, which is of advanced difficulty, for me at least is better in the first two sections than the final one, which lets the set down just a little. Nevertheless it contains some fine music that sounds, to my ears only vaguely English; not that that is of primary importance and any lovers of this man’s pieces will find much to enjoy here as always.

    Chris Dumigan

  • Komponist: Oleg Kiselev
    Artist: Oleg Kiselev
    Antall sider: 10
    Utgitt: 2008
    Utgitt av: Endre Dåvøy Musikk
    ISMN: M-66106-160-1
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