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Oleg Kiselev: Strawberry with Cream - Notehefte inkl. CD

Music Production International

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Notehefte for klassisk gitar. 48 sider, inkl. CD med all musikken, innspilt av komponisten.

Oleg Kiselev er en velkjent russisk gitarist, komponist og lærer, født i 1964. En stor del av musikken hans er for barn og unge. Han skriver musikk som er morsom å spille og morsom å høre på, innenfor mange forskjellige stilarter.

“Strawberry with Cream” inneholder 28 små stykker og etyder:
    1. Game
    2. Lullaby
    3. Dream
    4. Morning
    1. Prelude
    2. Sentimental walk
    3. Rain out of the window
    4. Autumn leaf-fall
    1. Frosts
    2. It snows
    3. Dance of scorpion
    4. The sad Queen
    5. Through the dark wood
    6. The eyes of the homeless dog
    7. Dance of glass decorations on the christmas tree
    8. Birthday party without visitors
    9. Farewell to childhood
    10. Strawberry with cream
    1. Chromatico-etude
    2. Tremolo-etude
    3. Repetition-etude
    4. Ballad-etude
    5. Arpeggio-etude
    6. Old-fashioned etude
    7. Waltz-etude
    8. Etude “In the twilight”
    9. Legato-etude
    10. Sad etude

Fra “Classical Guitar” (England), september 2005:
…It consists of 28 little pieces of considerable charm and variety written by a composer with charm and a handy ear for the unusual yet melodic. The entire book is in Russian except for the translated tides but that is of little consequence; it is the music that matters and it is wonderful. It is all not too difficult and is approachable and immediately involving, yet not full of cliches.
Firstly you have the Children’s Suite, a four-movement work; and then an Autumnal Suite again consisting of four items, both works of only moderate difficulty yet full of interesting music. There follows 10 Easy Pieces, which are still not too easy; moderate is a fairer term. as you do have to have a certain maturity of technique to make a proper job of them. There is much to enjoy here, as in the final 10 Etudes, that although are lovely pieces of music, yet still remaining technique-based.
I haven’t come across this composer before but on this one volume alone I hope I see more. I do hope that an enterprising music company has arranged to get this imported into the UK, as it would be a great shame if such original and entertaining music as this remained unattainable to the majority of our readership.

Utgitt av Music Production International, 2004

(ISBN 5-9628-0063-9)