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Showtec Mega-Bubble såpeboblemaskin.
Dual fan output technology.
The Showtec Mega-Bubble offers the latest in bubble machine technology with 4 separate fans that blow and lift bubbles high into the air. This advanced fan system produces a massive amount of bubbles per minute. Mega Bubbles design also allows an easy bubble liquid filling with a top-load filling station and easy clean-up with a drain pipe that flows to the rear of the units drainage open/close valve. The Mega-Bubble is superb for stage productions, night clubs and mobile applications.

Power: AC230V ~ 50 Hz
Power consumption: 460 Watt
Tank capacity: 3 L
Fluid type: Bubble Liquid (80360)
Dimensions: 575 × 518 × 425 mm (LxWxH)
Weight: 14,6 kg

Accessories/ordering info:
• Massive dual fan output technology
• Secondary dual fan lift system forces bubbles
to rise high into the air
• Easy top-load bubble filling container
• Bubble liquid drainage valve system enables
easy cleanup
• On/Off switch on rear on unit
• Wheels and dual handles for easy transport
• Includes remote with timer control and
4L Bubble Liquid Concentrate (80356)

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