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Yamaha skarptromme BSM1450 14" X 5"


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  • The Berlin Symphonic Series Concert Snare Drums were designed in conjunction with Franz Schindlbeck of the Berlin Philharmonic and the Yamaha Frankfurt Percussion Atelier. Available in 14" x 5" and 14" x 6.5" configurations, both drums have been painstakingly designed and constructed to achieve a uniquely dark yet versatile sound with exceptional response and projection.
  • The BCS 3-10-3 strand nylon-coated stainless steel straight cable configuration provides response at all dynamic levels. The 10 inner cables provide a full snare sound at all levels up to ffff while the 6 outer strands provide precise snare response at all levels down to pppp
  • Shallow 1.8mm Snare Bed provides even snare response at all dynamic levels
  • Silent K-type Strainer produces zero noise with smooth action for silent, effortless snare engagement
  • Honey-lug casings allow maximum shell resonance and provide a unique look
  • 6-ply maple shells feature a 6-ply, 14" design with Remo Renaissance Diplomat heads for a warm, colorful tone and a wide dynamic range
  • The unique 30º/45º Double-cut bearing edge allows the middle ply to vibrate first so the entire shell vibrates faster. This results in a more focused tone